March 3, 2009

Zefanclub takes flight

Netco Sports is created under its previous name Zefanclub to provide fans with their own sport social media network

Netco Sports is born ! The company which would one day provide meading mobile solutions to some of the most prominent stakeholders in the world of sport, is created under the name Zefanclub.

Zefanclub allowed fans to access a full list of social features, bringing their passion for their club to life…

  • Chat
  • Video and multimedia content
  • Match commentary in real time

All of which can be shared among fans social circles

Ten days later, while still in its infancy, Zefanclub is granted a Godfather

Legendary French football commentator Thierry Roland is encourages fans to share their passion for football using recently released Zefanclub social network

Téléfoot features Zefanclub

The first football social media network created by fans for fans gets additional support, a clip on TV program Téléfoot. The site is subject of a special report on the landmark TF1 broadcast known for over 22 years of analysis and commentary in the world of football.