January 20, 2014

Netco Sports partners with Eurosport for an official 2nd screen app for the Australian Open

Eurosport Player Australian Open Special Edition is getting underway with the first serve from down under


The state-of-the-art solution allows tennis fans to engage and interact with the on-court action in a completely innovative way by employing leading 2nd screen functionalities including:

  • Streaming Multi-court Tennis action: Watch any of several matches taking place at once. An integrated alert system keeps fans up-to-date, allowing them to jump from court to court to watch critical points as they take place live.
  • Editorial feeds sourcing insights from Eurosport experts: An interactive editorial feed accompanying live broadcasts pulling together live scoring updates directly from Eurosport, tweets from Eurosport journalists and various players before and after they take to the court, and highlights of match action, in near-live, just after the action takes place.
  • A magnificent Court View and interactive tournament bracket: Follow your favorite player with real-time results, game by game, of all the matches from down under.
  • Get social with a dynamic Tweet Deck: Follow several Twitter feeds at once! Including an Australian Open dedicated feed, a second feed compiling select players and Eurosport Journalists, as well as users own feed allowing them to tweet across feeds and access the most content on one screen.
  • Do not miss a moment: Behind the scenes access to all video-on-demand, match highlights, player and expert interviews and a wealth of editorial news content straight from the source.