March 18, 2014

Netco Sports invited to discuss the future role of the 2nd screen in football production

Netco Sports Senior Marketing and Strategy Manager was invited back to the SVG Football Production Summit at Stade de France to discuss the future of 2nd screen solutions and their integration with the football television broadcast

In front of Netco Sports clients Canal+ and FIFA, as well as partners such as EVS, Christopher Rapaport, Senior Marketing and Strategy Manager at Netco Sports discussed the future of the 2nd screen and how broadcasters could best address this new technology to leverage the power of mobile and tablet screens.
The concensus across the panel is that this is no longer an emerging technology but a viable media that enriches broadcasters relationship with fans. The question du jour was how to monitize this platform and what will the impact of the FIFA World Cup 2014 have on the development of the 2nd screen among footballs most passionate and casual fans.
A full house of leading broadcasters, vendors, football properties and other rights owners including representatives from the Premier League, Formula One Management, BSkyB, Sky Italia, Sky Deutschland, Fox Sports, IMG Media, PERFORM and SIS Live, the Football Production Summit tackles issues such as the future of football production, the role of the 2nd screen in building enriched interaction with fans, and what the world of football broadcast technology will look like over the next decade.